Hoopapalooza 2013: Preface

My intense love of all things college basketball is culminating in the most spectacular week of basketball one could imagine these next eleven days, beginning tonight in Saint Louis. Well, I suppose you could claim my basketball odyssey, an odyssey so extravagant I’ve termed it ‘Hoopapalooza 2013″, began last night in good ol’ Cintas Center, as my Xavier Musketeers bested the superior Bilikens of Saint Louis University on Senior Night. It was a thrilling game, as Xavier has been wont to play all season, which extended into overtime and allowed the good guys to emerge victorious in the last Xavier game I will attend as an student.

But that’s regardless of the primary topic: HOOPAPALOOZA! The journey begins in earnest tonight at the Scottrade Center in downtown St. Louis, with two opening round games out of the Missouri Valley Conference. I’ll be in St. Louis for the entirety of the MVC Conference Tournament, then scamper over to Las Vegas for the West Coast Conference Championship game, hopefully featuring Gonzaga and St. Mary’s (fingers crossed) before hitting the homestretch in my long-lost hometown, Kansas City, to take in some old fashioned Big 12 hoops. 

As if it isn’t obvious enough I could not be any more ecstatic for this quest de hoops, and will be providing content throughout the glorious stretch of hoops. Hopefully it’s interesting enough for the scant eyeballs whom find their way to this little corner of the internet, and if not it takes half a second to go back to Facebook. You won’t miss anything too important, promise.

With that said I’ll talk to ya soon. My flight to St. Louis (well, really Chicago on the way to StL) is preparing to board; my hoops odyssey is close enough to taste. Beginning* with tonight’s doubleheader, Bradley-Drake followed by Missouri State-Southern Illinois, I am about to consume 19 games in 10. Twenty in eleven if you include last night’s regular season showdown at Cintas, but that probably shouldn’t count, huh.

* I’ve stared at this word for five minutes now and for the life of me I can’t believe that’s how ‘beginning’ is spelled. It looks so unnatural, so forced, so made-up, and yet it is assuredly correct. 

P.S. I would like to sincerely thank my grandfather for making this incredible hoops odyssey possible. He shares my intense love of basketball and had talked about trying to figure out a way to swing some combination of the MVC and Big 12 conference tournaments. The soiree to Vegas was a surprising addition, but hell I ain’t complaining. 


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